August 13, 2013

more of everything

what goes on in the forest when we are not there... the bears go nuts!

yesterday we brought home a new wardrobe-kind-of-system (Antonius/IKEA). i somehow feel guilty about it as its so huge...but i really was running out of space, ive collected an impressive amount of clothing in 3+ years. and of course i need to keep collecting, the thought of throwing stuff away is not really...  viable. i spotted this storage system in an FB group for 2nd hand stuff in Istanbul. 75tl/30e. we drove all the way to the european side for it. barely fit in our small car...

i put it back together in like 15mins. now i have plenty of baskets to fill. the guy i bought this from was a turk about to move to Victoria, Canada for his PhD or something. he already had the accent covered, impressive.

i got myself some earrings etc from Thailand. they cost about 1 euro each so maybe i bought some that didnt really need to :(

a dress. i am a such sucker for wrap dresses...     from a thai market in Bangkok, paid some 2-3e.

Zite is now my fav app for articles on my phone. it really mostly suggests stuff thats interesting for me to read, it has in other words learned...   from today;
More Blasphemy Charges in Turkey
Frank Bruni: American “movies, manners and a set of mores” condone rape
How the iPhone and Bad Decisions Killed BlackBerry

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