September 17, 2013

educating herself

i watched the documentary Somm some time ago (NYT review on Somm - not super flattering). its funny that i waited for months to see it. being "wine challenged" when it comes to recognizing taste, it doesnt make sense. and my level of interest in the subject is low too. i guess the curiosity is about the people who are obsessed, dedicated... they want to be the best at something i totally do not understand. they are talking about fermented grape juices... i smile and think of the 8tl/3e turkish "wine" in our cupboard. nice documentary anyway, light.

i wonder, if you are doing a wine tasting in the morning, how many hours before the tasting can u wash your teeth (with a toothpaste) - cos that menthol taste in the toothpaste... that really stays in your mouth for a while. maybe u cannot use toothpaste that morning?

i got curious about Nassim Nicholas Taleb's books, firstly Fooled by Randomness, and then i found he is also the author of Black Swan. i read some excerpts and its interesting - possibility, probability and our failure to consider them properly are fascinating.

but now i will dive into Duff McKagan's bio; It's So Easy: And Other Lies

jenni's travel lessons

use a backpack unless going to one easy location only via airport, anything else and a luggage on wheels is a drag

unless trip is longer than 10 days, take 1 pair of underwear for each day - stressing about washing stuff is just not worth it. if traveling to an obvious shopping-location, a few less pairs is acceptable.

pack make-up removal wipes - no lotions, cotton pads and shenanigans, just a pack of wipes.

pack ear plugs, just in case.

dress warm enough for travel day because the air planes... they have air con...brrr. tights in the handbag are great.

for meds: 2-3 of anything (painkillers, allergy meds...) will do, if more is needed u have found a pharmacy by then.

wet wipes in hand bag - on a long hot day with ice cream in your fingers it's a lifesaver, plus toilet paper is not given in many countries.

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