September 18, 2013

old age

i am a bit stressed and i have finally decided to face the reality which is that i need to re-install my windows (7). i hate doing that. hate. so actually i am very stressed. i have been thinking all summer that the time is getting close, very close. there is some odd lagging going on at times, and other minor issues... if i remember correctly SUPERPUPU even crashed once...  maybe a couple months ago. yeah, im pretty sure that happened. and when that happens, well, i get worried. its a sign.

she got some new memory installed a few months ago, which was great (up from 4GB to 8GB). now doctor suggested that we get a SSD hard drive and install the windows on that, to increase speed. it might be a good idea, i have been looking into it now and i think its worth trying. i have space for another hard drive actually, as i currently only have one (1 TB). so that could be a really nice upgrade. she deserves it. she is already 6 years old :) i think i have done 2 windows installs so far, the last one being January 2010. 3 years is usually how long my Windows lasts. i have skipped the not-so-great versions like Vista... 

also my iPhone 4 is starting to show signs of age. well it has been for some time. getting slow. i guess i could still try a proper re-install but at 2yrs and 3 months, i think its just coming to the end of its lifespan. phones are just so painfully expensive in turkey...:( and i do want it from here for the warranty. but 5S isnt scheduled to come here until December...thats even longer than i expected. 3 months seems like a really long time right now. im not sure if i should just get the 5 - i was a bit disappointed with the 5S upgrades...  not much there that interests me. i just think that for a person who buys a new only every 2 years, i should get the latest. now im not sure.

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