September 21, 2013

iOS7 is actually pretty cool, i like the visuals

doctor decided he finally wants his EKG tattoo done. so i looked into the tattoo artists he could go to. the first i wanted to ask was the guy who did portraits of composers on my friends boyfriends arm - cos i am a bitch when it comes to photorealism and those were bloody good. portraits are hard to do well...  it requires real accuracy. but still, someone good in portraits might not be quite as good in precision line work...  anyway so we went to his shop and i looked at photos of his work, there were luckily some tattoos with thin symmetrical lines and they were reaaaal nice :D i decided we dont need to look further. he made a stencil of the EKG print we had with us and we immediately tried it on the arm. then made some changes and booked a time for this afternoon! he is quite expensive but tattoos are the one thing i dont think are worth counting pennies is for life. i also think there would have been other suitable artists around Kadik√∂y, but if you find a good guy, why look further? doctors birthday is in a couple weeks so i then announced that this would be his birthday present :)

meanwhile i got myself another kind of present. pink heels by Next. looovely suede + shine.

i ran into a nice table cloth in a nearby shop, its home made i think. often they are selling table cloths and bed linen made of IKEA fabrics. 5tl/2e. i loved the print and it fits with our living room colors. but i am thinking that seeing through the table was very nice. ive been just wanting to get a table cloth to change this a bit.

i decided to try a new kind of scrub. scrubs are the one thing where i feel that ready made products are failing me. ive been simply using brown sugar for a while now. but you have to be careful not to put your wet fingers back in the cup. so i check Snapguide for ideas. there is a suggestion for mixing honey and olive oil with sugar. so i go with that.
 finished mix. it was really dense.

easy to apply and all, yeah... buuuut, i didnt like it. the olive oil smell was not my thing. that i could have lived with but it left an oily layer on my skin. and no, its not healthy nor good. after scrubbing my legs i went for shaving and the blades got stuck with "stuff"...the scrub leftovers. eww. i had to properly clean myself with a wash glove after that. next time i will try something else...  maybe shower gel with sugar.

and i got my haircut today. too short, of course. haircut days are always horrible. 

tonight were going to some concert too...  some iranian artist, and, i dunno. it was doctors idea :)

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