September 22, 2013

im not a unique snowflake

doctors tattoo in saran wrap. there are 5 lines from a EKG print. my EKG print, to be exact. my heart is healthy, so its not super special :(

getting it done. the artist was Savas at Matkap tattoo in kadiköy (the recommended portrait tattoo artist in istanbul)

i visited the tattoo shop toilet. and there, i encountered something familiar - myself. in a photoshopped print on the wall. i had to look twice, but yes, it was definitely me, from 2002 or so.  i tracked the original too (on my phone) and showed it to the tattoo artist. he was very amused and showed me that he had a deviant art account - well that makes sense as thats where this old photo could be found. small world. yet, if someone had told me in 2002 that the photos you are taking... you will encounter them 10 years later in turkey in a tattoo parlor toilet, while your turkish bf is getting a tattoo done. umm.

after the tattoo we went to a concert at the cultural center. there was some iranian guy and a turkish guy on stage... playing what looked like "pre-historic" violin and guitar. and i dont mean that in a demeaning way, thats just how i'd describe them (like: im not racist, but he looked like a nigger? i hope not) - the music was not bad at all, at times interesting even. but it didnt keep my attention of course, and thats why i dont really attent any concerts at all. still this was a fine experience, it was easy to listen to. i think it was my first concert together with doctor.  it was bloody dark so this photo actually seems better lit than it was, the exposure was 4 secs.