September 25, 2013

intimidating pictures

Black Mirror is like...great tv. except it feels like short movies. cos all the episodes are unrelated. but i relate to the topics, its about media, internet, how we r connected and trying to be connected...    awesome.

i was trying to find episodes of Blush - The Next Great Make Up Artist. didnt find much, it was so many years ago :(

a female friend is seriously into having children, like, soon (she is in a relationship). of course it makes me feel sad cos i know it will bring distance between us when it happens. but its the normal course of life. the most normal of all, actually, so i have to accept it happens. 

i decided to finally watch A Serbian Film. Melisa told me about it, she was commenting on it online in Facebook and said that she couldnt sleep afterwards, she seemed seriously disturbed. its one of those NC-18 movies. so i have been waiting for the right time to watch it. i used to watch these movies like nothing, but then something changed (i got old?) and i have been goig for the easier movies for the past years...  i was very aware of it too but there was nothing i could do t change how i feel. so.


Feline Revolucion said...

I enjoyed most of the episodes in black mirror .. but i always suggest ppl skip the first one in season 1 :P

Feline Revolucion said...

black mirror is nice, i enjoyed most of the episodes.. i always suggest newcomers skip the first episode of the first season :P