September 07, 2013

life near the antique

im so busy these days, its completely taken me by (a big, nice) surprise. next week should be bit more quiet again though. but freelancer life is like this!

im now studying some more advanced google analytics and adwords stuff, i havent played with those for a while and one of my projects is doing a social media campaign for an event. i admit its kinda exciting, all the numbers and optimizing stuff...  haha. besides that, im testing a website and doing some proofreading of translations and teaching English to this Iranian lady...  aaand some other small tasks.

i think im the most unlikely person to do proofreading, my finnish is very lax in my personal, very...   and i was not good in school when it came to finnish grammar. but if needed, i do have a feeling of right and wrong, i just sometimes need to check details online, but i mean i have this gut feeling. finding something wrong is the skill that i have, whether its language or anything else...    but with language, web content & other online communication or marketing are mainly what i excel in. i wouldnt have anything to do with medical or legal texts. well, i did, but it was no fun and i found it stressfull - a lot of googling.

below, a new bar on antique street, called Grange (i think they want it to sound like 'grunge' when you say it). its still summer so everyone is outside and the inside is empty....  but i ahate to say, just the past week the night have suddenly been chilly, it went quite quickly from 26C to 20C (right now). brr. still, i forecast the turks to stay outside for another month or 2, because they really like to smoke. and while bars do have to allow smoking inside sometimes, in order to keep customers, staying outside makes it easier. heaters will be used during the winter. at that point i will hate hanging out with smokers, i just wanna go in and not freeze. 

the antique street at 12:20am or so. the tea houses have random tables out and people are...  enjoying their tea.

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