September 09, 2013

eat your vitamins and omega 3 capsules!

i felt chilly this morning when i got up. it was 22C, thats why! a week ago it was still really hot and now the fall is here. almost. i think the next few days should be warm again. i dont mind the fall though, maybe i can wear pants, or jeans, or something - for a change.

the gezi protests kind of died slowly as expected but with the schools (universities) starting, the young people especially have become active again. there have been smaller demonstrations during the past week and there are people right a few blocks from here. luckily the police has stayed away. but at the same time, its not getting a lot of attention in general.

some photos from Thailand....

towards the end of the trip, tired and tanned and puffy :D

the beach....oh the beach...

doctor enjoying the waves.

a balcony in one of the resorts we stayed at. it was calming and quiet over there. 

where are the busy Bangkok streets and crazy Cambodian nights? maybe another time...

i met an american lady yesterday, she is moving out of turkey after having lived here for over 10 years. she is divorcing and leaving because her husband turned out to be really abusive. apparently everything was fine, until the day before the weeding hed changed. i feel like its a pattern with a lot of turkish men, you think u met a prince but one day a monster comes out of the closet. u really dont know what ur gonna get. scary.