September 11, 2013

and tonight, there were cats and dogs

apparently the police came to Kadiköy tonight. i saw it on facebook and while i was out (on bar street), people suddenly got up as they had heard the police is nearby and everyone started getting their shit together and leaving, i mean we had the bottles on the sidewalk and all, so. demonstrations have continued again as the universities opened and yesterday another demonstrator was killed in Turkey. ironically, he was demonstrating because of the death of another protester earlier in the summer.

on the bridge, coming back from europe the other night. 

tonight. i went out with Cansu, on a whim. we were going towards a bar but stopped over at a tattoo shop where she had friends sitting by. there was a dog too. we got bottles from the next shop and sat down.
the tattoo artists enjoying a beer. the owner of this specific shop is not in this photo, its the wife of the grey haired guy. they both have a tattoo shop on this street.
this couple sitting on a bike was really cute, the guy is a young tattoo artist, i dont know what she does. the photo doesnt do justice, she was semi-gothic, alternative, and simply very pretty and just herself - and he was young and cute and innocent despite the beer and all.

the lady in the striped shirt owns this tattoo shop behind the me. she got 2nd place last year in the Istanbul tattoo convention, in color tattoos. she gave me an invitation for this years event which is in 10 days, so i can go there for free. sounds good. its very close so i will definitely go. altho it will just make my tattoo fever worse.

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