September 12, 2013

live entertainment

that feeling when you look at posts on FB, and go "hey, thats my street, on fire??!"  and then turn to the window and open it, and indeed, at the end of street there is a nice bonfire going on. i didnt quite capture all of it, as it continues behind the corner, but here is; 

then, i was trying to enjoy some good tv but the police shooting gas and whatnot (plastic bullets, i hear) outside the window at times was really disturbing. they seem to be just passing but, but really, they are often running after PEOPLE. its a cat and mouse game in the labyrinth known as kadiköy. following my newsfeed on FB really reminds me of June, but now its sooo close. "they are going up XXX street" "they are not firing plastic bullets at fish market" "Bahariye is barricaded again, we are going there" "lotsa tear gas on my street, about 50 protesters now" etc.  minute-by-minute, with pictures of course.

so far our windows have held up to the gas really well and i didnt smell anything - so i consider myself lucky. 

i decided i should get rid of the sort of compulsory national health insurance scheme (SSK) and go for a private one as i knew i'd save some. my logic:

public health insurance:
-covers everything in public hospitals, and some 40% in at least some private hospitals
-costs 245tl(100eur)/month for foreigners

private health insurance (inpatient):
-covers hospitalization and ER visits in any hospital
-2 free clinic visits/check ups a year
-costs 70tl(30eur)/month

well i think the latter is obviously better, because with the money saved, i can easily go see a doctor a few extra times if needed. the problem has been that the SSK is compulsory. i am going to find a way out in a turkish manner.

so i looked some recommendations of insurance companies by other foreigners, and go fill a contact request form on one insurance company website. it was in english, the site, but of course in a day i was called by a turkish lady who didnt speak a word of english. i was trying to get rid of her because there was no way i was going to understand everything and get anywhere with my insurance, but she was pretty persistent so i answered  the simple questions. she asked if someone english speaking could call me later. well of course. she herself called me after the weekend though and suggested meeting in kadiköy, anywhere anytime. i was "...errr" but thought to myself; whatever, ok. she promised someone english speaking would call me next. and someone did, and in my momentary weakness i actually set up a time and place for meeting them. today at 12 at Starbucks. what did i have to lose?

so these 3 insurance agents show up to Starbucks in their black suits. one of them was the English speaking one, Didem, the other lady was the one who called me originally (Tuba) and then there was a guy, just for show i guess because he didnt say a word. i have to say it was awkward but quite ok, they were nice. we went through the policy and options. they filled my medical statement, and kindly adjusted my weight down after a brief discussion with each other. i have to assume that they have strict weight limits for being "at risk" and wanted to be nice. lol.

the prices were really decent (quoted above) in comparison to the maximum SSK that i am currently paying so i went with it. and felt really proud for orchestrating it all on my own. i had doctor look at the papers when i got home and he also approved.

back to following the action outside. the police is walking back and forth the street, lazily chasing protestors, everyone is in the windows watching, with the lights off of course - the police is known to shoot towards flats too.  i should go to sleep, i have work tomorrow. im not a very good capulcu...

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