September 11, 2013

i can almost smell it!

its awful to think Kadiköy was gassed last night, just some time after i (smartly) left the bar street. the photos i saw later from bar street were like from Taksim 2 months ago.  and its continuing tonight... so far Kadiköy was always the safe haven. i am supportive of the demonstrations of course, thats not the point. i just wish the police would stay out of my disctrict.

Kadiköy today; "Yay! Now we can resist closer to home"   the current live feed from a few blocks away looks really rough though, the police with water cannons and tear gas is here again, i feel an itch to go out, its hitting so close to home, literally.

some of the more 'interesting' reality tv shows ive seen recently (didnt keep watching though...)  Please Marry My Boy  The Little Couple

i love Ink Master but this recent season just seems like one big show to make Tatu Baby win. the other contestants seem to be just stand ins. unfortunately.

in istanbul it is a reality that someone could grab your ass on the street. maybe not in the middle of the day so much, unless its a crowded bus, but when it gets dark. so, thats kind of city/country.

i watched this documentary about the Woman Who Wasn't There (youtube trailer). very topical on 9/11.

but next on my playlist is Adore. watching it now in fact.

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