September 27, 2013

work? no

so i went to this job interview. it was posted on an expat board by someone reliable so although it just said "english, project based 3-6 months, moderator/training" i was like okay, ill send my CV just to see. a month later i got an email from someone saying they wanna see me for an interview. still no word about the job description or location. and they suggested having the interview at a Starbucks in a mall. well, sure, its turkey - this is how it works. so i went there and turns out it is english teaching after all. they just call courses projects and teaching training or moderation. well the classes are 1,5h each and usually in maslak (1,5h from here) so when the commuting takes double the work time i guess its not worthwhile? also they told me that my nails have to go. i understand the image thing and the need to look professional, but if i dresse formally and do my job well, my nails are really an issue? so, i dont think thats gonna work out.

my district, Kadiköy, is now offering free wifi!

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