October 15, 2013

apps and stuff...

the other night when watching Shark Tank with doctor, there was a guy with this app (postcardontherun) that lets people send physical postcards using the photos on their mobile. so one just clicks through the app, picks a photo and writes a message, chooses a contact...and the service provider will print and mail the physical card. im still suspicious of how well it works outside the US, didnt try yet. but i downloaded the app while watching the guy on tv trying to get the investors in, that was cool. it was a user friendly app at least. assuming you dont have anyones physical address in your phone, the service will send the recipient an email and ask for it. well, i should try it out before saying anything more.

my Ad-Aware antivirus (i switched from Avira to this upon reinstalling Windows) is determining a small file in the Photoshop CS6 folder a trojan, and moving it to quarantine, which means the program wont start - i need to disable Ad-Aware before i can use photoshop. i am aware whats "behind" this error, but its nevertheless annoying...:( the reason i switched to Ad-Aware was because Avira claimed my favorite PS filter to be a trojan! i still used Avira for a few years as at least i could use PS when i didnt need the filter. what can i do?!

i am now testing WiTopia's VPN service. because sometimes i need a "proxy". they had a friendly and quick chat-support. and good reviews. the website was fairly clear. there are slightly cheaper options out there but not with a server in Finland, which is what i want. well, some others might be 4+ dollars/month if you buy a year but i dont want to commit to a year for now. WiTopia charges 5.99usd even if i only get a month, and what i REALLY appreciate is the opt-out possibility for auto-renewal!  the installation was super easy, the interface is nice looking but not as simple as it could be...   the first screen offers quick connect that will only connect to the nearest VPN server which kind of defies the point of using one for me, and the advanced settings has too many click to go through (below). anyway, it seems to work ok so far.

i have used Astrill before, like maybe for 3 months, and while it worked mostly well, without glitches, it is pricier if you dont get 6 months or a year. easy to use tho.

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