October 30, 2013

classes for everyone

today i started turkish&english-exchange "classes" with a friends bf; Göksel. im hoping that doing more and more of these exchange things my fluency will improve. lets see/bakalim.
the marmaray project... i mean the tunnel from europe to asia, under the Bosporus. supposedly earthquake proof. i hear various opinions about that though, and its hard to trust anything without solid facts. and the kind of earthquake expected here...just around the tunnel...  i am officially suspicious. im sure it will useful though as long as it works. reading this article re: marmaray tunnel...  i just nod, sounds turkish.

i was out with an ex-colleague, or sort of 2 of them (i know them through the translation agency), Kenna & Sasha. she is Hondurasian-German-i cant even keep track, she is so international. Sasha is a Russian freelancer, leaving turkey tomorrow.

this is my veggie wrap, before its wrapped. the thing is, its crazy tasty. you get to choose the ingredients, subway style, but theres more options. this one has chickpeas, falafel, some eggplant-tomato-sauce...and random veggies and humus. 5tl/1.8e - its actually a big meal, will keep you full for a good while.

i have 2 classes with new English students tomorrow. good luck to me. the other is a hair salon owner and the other an older female architect.  hmm, i should bother doing my hair in the morning i guess...?

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