October 28, 2013

out and about...:)

i picked up the living room rug from dry cleaners, and i was very happy with the results - it looks practically new! well worth the 20tl/8e and carrying it for 200m.

a DVD shop. here one finds turkish and foreign films for a few liras each.  its illegal but these shops are still plenty, no one is regulating the practice i suppose.

i found a local tv series with fairly simple turkish on youtube, Cocuklar duymasin. it seems like something between Cosby Show and ...nevermind, just Cosby Show. i dont find the plot hugely interesting but as i have to concentrate in understanding, it doesnt matter so much, i can leave it running in the back ground and do other stuff while listening.

maybe its just because my expectations were pessimistic, but the new Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers did not impress me... he is so hot and i wanted to get interested in the plot but when he started on on about "Order of the Dragon" and oil and ...err, i zoned out.  hitfix.com's Daniel says it well even if the review is a bit too long;
"... my general thesis about NBC's "Dracula," which is that it annoys me because it uses names and signposts from Bram Stoker's "Dracula" without any real connection to anything in Bram Stoker's "Dracula," but that that is not why it is a bad show. "Sleepy Hollow" and "Bates Motel" both also annoyed me, but were able to brush aside that annoyance by actually being good at what they do. Ultimately, NBC's "Dracula" sullies the "Dracula" name not because of how strictly or loosely it adheres to what I believe to be the values of the property, but rather because of how weirdly and almost inexplicably boring it turns out to be."
there will be a demonstration in Kadiköy against AKP tomorrow, its a national holiday also.

 a fresh juice shop! lovely colors. the juice is good too.

in Hera on friday. doctor sits in the background with his favorite shirt on. its a green german army issue shirt, that has the german flag on shoulders and always attracts perhaps the wrong kind of attention, as he is not really into any of that, its just comfy wear from a thrift store.

on saturday i went for botox again, it has been over a year, maybe 2 (?) since i last got it. my heavy eyebrows are easier to hold up with this neurotoxin...   while at it, i dont mind getting a shot between the brows to keep myself from frowning. i still believe the studies are quite right when they say it affects your negative emotions, or hampers them somewhat. if it also slows wrinkles from appearing, i will consider it a plus, while its not all that important. this is Funda's new clinic in Suadiye, she is a friend of a friend and has years of experience with botox. anyway now im waiting for the effect to set in.

Taksim square saturday night. not the cleanest of all places. but as someone pointed out, more shocking than this, is the fact that by the morning its usually totally clean again. the municipalities tend to work hard on keeping the streets clean. i was on my way home here from a friends farewell party, she is moving back to spain :(  

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