October 21, 2013

monday in numbers

went to ATM. Garanti Bank kitty was there as usual. she doesnt move for you, u better watch ur step...
my shopping. mushrooms, broccoli, coke zeros (for doctor), Camlica Light soda, Sensodyne mouth wash & red peppers from the grocery store. Burn energy drink from the kiosk. grey panties from Penti. 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace from Six.

the jewellery deserves a close up! each 3tl/1.1 eur. (wow, lira has really plummeted)
also i got a silver ring. its a bit smaller than most of my rings, but very cute.

i had to get these shoes. had to. i wanted something practical for the winter, they are proper leather and with sturdy rubber heels. yet not too bulky, imho.   

i went to this bead & jewellery supply store near our home, to get some things for my cousin. this is the table with the metallics...
while there i saw these leafs, and from there i just went to pick the hooks and the small rings to connect them. when i wanted to pay, the nice guy behind the counter put them together for me in less than minute!

i just saw some news headers about a herpes medication causing this and that. which got me to thinking, herpes is pretty common, isnt it, and i am quite lucky not to have it, considering how many people ive kissed. maybe i have an inner antidote or something.

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