November 12, 2013

new musical find: Blonde Redhead

its very odd to be back home at 11am, having done my work for the day. had just one class today. then i went on to buy fabric dye, i want to try dyeing my fall/spring jacket. its really worn out too, the sleeve cuffs especially - but if the color turns out good, i can take it to the seamstress, the sleeves are too long anyway... i like the jacket so i rather fix it than get a new one.

yesterday i had a check up for my botox results. i cannot frown, so the glabella area is good but my eyebrows are still moving, which is not supposed to happen, so she injected some more nerve poison... now im stressed again until the results kick in. because there is always a chance of something going wrong. granted, its not permanent if that happens but still. also, right after the injections the next days feel awkward, there is this pressure on the forehead as the effect settles in, it makes me feel tired.

i decided not let that stolen phone incident ruin my week nor my life. of course it sucks ass, those things are so expensive, even 2nd hand, and the inconvenience of it all... its odd to go out there and not have a dictionary, GPS & map, to do list and all those things with me. but somehow, since monday morning ive been ok about it. maybe this is a lesson i needed to learn in life. just let it go. and i am in the lucky position i CAN get a new phone soonish. so, yeah; keep calm and carry on.

the restaurant we went to with the girls on saturday was Mama Shelter. the wow-design was explained later when i heard its designed by Philippe Starck. its a really cool place, ill admit it. the music is good, the food is exploratory, not just "european" or just "turkish". and the price tag reflects that, haha. but yeah, a wonderful restaurant in the heart of Istanbul, with a view from the terrace. it just doesnt feel like u are in Istanbul when there. there are famous turks and turks that dont look like turks, and foreigners, so its really ...not like in turkey.

cool blackboard ceiling.

the bar in the bg and the DJ's table on the left. the DJ started around 10pm. but seriously it was good, interesting music all night long.

our appetizers... lentils with an egg, smoked salmon with avocado....  tasty, tasty.

the bar round midnight.

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