November 10, 2013

so long, dear phone, may your IMEI be blocked and not serve anyone else

yesterday was Hanna's bachelorette party, a wonderful all day event overall. and on my way back home this morning (round 6:30) i got somewhat robbed - lost my phone. there are soooo many things there i beat myself up for right now, starting from the fact that i just got a pepper spray in my handbag a few weeks ago for situations like that, and i would have had plenty of time to use it  - but did i? no, lol, i picked up my phone to call the police (when this guy started harassing me). and did i call the police? no, i called 112, which is close but not quite. and so on...  wtf. how stupid can a person be? i am fairly (...) intelligent but this morning any stupidity i have really piled up! i only lost a fingernail in the fight for my phone, and even thats acrylic so i would say that i got off without a scratch. then i spent the next hours of the morning at the police station, giving my statement, over and over again. at least i didnt get the hangover that was surely due, because i sobered up during all that time.

but i decided to try something different. i felt pretty shitty all day of course, but now i plan to take a shower and relax a bit. and then, i have to realize it was "only" a phone, and one that i CAN get replace with a new one...  so, i should just do that, and move on. at least i am healthy, and i have a hero boyfriend who called the police for me and then took me to the police station and spent over 4 hours there with me, giving statements. and after that went out to show the locations to the police one more (3rd) time. all this while he was supposed to be sleeping to manage his night shift tonight. and did he complain even just once? no. did he point out how imperfect decisions i made? no. was he agitated that i probably need to buy a new 1600tl/700e phone when i just bought this one 3 weeks ago? no. he hugged me and said hes glad i am okay. yeah. i know i have something better than gold...

i have to give some credit to the police, which especially after Gezi has not been very well liked by me nor anyone else...  they were very helpful and nice. maybe not super organized, but yeah, they took it pretty seriously and got a lot of detectives etc involved. definitely they could have just written a short report and sent me on my way. while at the station, we heard some guys being brought in and by the sounds they were roughed up a bit. one of them had been caught robbing a flat, i dont know about the others, but i was taken to see each, just in case it was my guy. that was nerve wrecking, where is the mirror glass from cop shows?? after giving my statement literally 4-5 times, they wanted me to look at mug shots. but based on my vague description there were 3000 people to look at! after 500 i was gonna fall asleep and we agreed that i could continue later. but seriously, that many faces is just...  it makes you "blind". but i could not describe him at all; what did he look like? "turkish". ok, i know he was 175-185cm tall and normal weight, but thats so generic.

after leaving the station some plainclothes detectives came to check the scene in order to find cameras that could have caught him. they were very undercover and pro looking. i think its funny that the only possible camera source we might have is the one from the mosque i passed. in the afternoon, when doctor and me were finally trying to sleep (it had been a long day for me too, i woke up at 9 on saturday!), the called and asked me to go look at some photos, in front of Mango. what a weird place. so i go there and there are again 2 plainclothes detectives (not the same ones as before) and on their smart phone they had some security camera video stills. none looked familiar though. and one more time i got to explain the events, with my broken turkish.

there was an interesting moment in the morning when we were sitting at the station near the entrance. suddenly ferry horns and some sirens went off and everyone just stopped on their feet. it took me a few seconds to figure out what is going on. it was 9:02 am on the day of Ataturk's death... i did get up as well to show respect. but standing there at 9 in the morning, tired and slowly sobering up, looking towards the harbor, with policemen standing still all over, and the deep horns blasting ....was odd.

this week was ...busy. and now i need to focus on the coming week, the phone ordeal should not ruin things for me. Hanna's wedding is on saturday too. i am doing her make up ;)

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