November 05, 2013

present simple and other stuff

this article "marriage isn't for you" was kind of insightful. and the movie Mr. Nobody....not so much. i think its supposedly deep and kind of "Sliding Doors"...but its not working for me. i watched 2h of the 2.5h movie, so maybe if i struggled until the end there would have been something to make it worthwhile but i doubt it.

i had another new student start yesterday. she is about my age, and a ambitious career woman in the true sense of the word. she described herself as un-turkish, and i can sign that, she was early to our class, is married but they sound like an equal team, both supporting each other in their career...  and she was dressed very casually because its her day off. we talked about turkish culture and women and she described her kind as "panda" (endangered, rare) :D fun lady. last week i met a student who is also a career woman, in her fifties, with her own succesful architecture firm. its lovely to get to know ambitious, independent turkish women. there were a couple at the Halloween party last friday too, friends of friends. for the party, i didnt really dress up so much, black tight dress and black heeled boots plus cat ears... so i was kind of meow...  shouldve taken photos.

this was the "food corner" of the party though. Bosphorus in the background, behind the buildings.

 i have been having a runny nose on and off for some weeks now. i could swear it started exactly the day the weather got cold. that somehow makes sense...  i have a sensitive nose, i think this is somehow related to the weather even if i dont how.  it could have been just a cold but its so on and off, and by now i can recognize an allergic nose...  and i am testing it out by taking antihistamins for 3 days. after 1 day, my nose is great so my theory is right i believe. i already started by vacuuming the bedroom, but honestly when something starts so suddenly, i doubt its just the bedroom dust. its somehow related to the weather, but until i can prove something else i will keep cleaning home piece by piece...i guess.

doggies in front of Hera last night.
i watched a documentary about a cp disabled person, she cant move much but she is selling herself (as a prostitute, duh), its an interesting situation. but cp people are not mentally disabled, so, they make their own choices.

my tuesday ,thursday and friday morning student (hair salon owner) would like me to try teach a couple of his employees as well, but that means going over to the salon even earlier...  and that means waking up around 6am. uff. but, its fine, i can do anything 3 mornings a week. and ill be back home around noon. they are all nice people.

in the morning, in Besiktas, on my way to give classes. this queue going around the square is for the bus 30M. there are 3 in a row and more coming though, so its a fairly efficient business...

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