November 18, 2013

the girl got the boy

girls night last night... the meze style foods prepared by Melisa;
now watching chess world championship game Anand - Carlsen live with commentary (grand master Susan Polgar!) at  i am not so good in chess, its been a long time since i played, but i am always interested and read articles occasionally. Wired wrote an interesting article on Polgar earlier this year. but yeah, of course the norwegian Carlsen is largely why i am so interested in this specific championship. the commentary is the best though, just learning something about the world of chess, trivia and curiosities.

Hanna & Oytun got married on saturday. i did Hanna's make up in the morning, then we went to the hairdresser and as is customary in turkey, the closest female friends and relatives came there too. so it was a proper hen house with everyone getting a nice hairdo.
the colors in this photo are not great but it was a cute moment, just a few minutes before the wedding, in the waiting room behind the "wedding auditorium".

when we were asked to be witnesses, i said sure, not knowing what it might entail...  besides hanging out with the couple in the waiting room, we were really quite literally witnessing the ceremony at the stage. i was somewhat shocked when we were escorted to sit there, in front of the "audience". not sure if doctor wants his photo over here so i blurred his face. the photo is taken by Carilyn.  the couple to be wed was then sat in the middle and the judge at the other end of the table. she was wearing a fancy red cape and spoke into a microphone. it took maybe 2 minutes...  asking both the groom and bride if they want to join their hands in marriage, and then asking us if we approve or something. so we had to reply "evet" as well.
but it was overall cool, we did essentially witness this relationship, starting from the party at our flat when they met, etc. i have enjoyed seeing the relationship come to this point :)

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