November 30, 2013


Alpha House is a new show that has some pretty impressive names (John Goodman, Matt Malloy...!) and yet i havent seen much talk about it on the 'nets. odd. oh, i found out why, its from Amazon. are they trying to compete with Netflix...i dont understand this...   anyway, Alpha House is (as the article i linked to, says) more like Veep than House of Cards. and thats fine, mellow and easy comedy is welcome :)  trailer for Alpha House

BUT a realllly interesting new series is Real Humans (orig. Äkta Människor). yet another swedish series. it has 'bots' and somehow that topic always intrigues me. a character in the series reminds me of the main bot in the movie Cherry 2000. i still miss her.

from Wiki;
The story takes place in Sweden present time in a parallel universe, where the use of consumer-level androids is becoming more prevalent. The androids, known as hubots, are used as servants, workers, and company. While some people embrace this new technology, others are frightened by what can happen when humans are replaced as workers, company, parents, and even lovers. A moderate political movement against the spread of hubots calls itself "real humans", with some members using the derogatory term "Pacmans" to refer to hubots.
Specific models are designed for various roles, each with different features. Hubots are usually programmed to recognise and obey their owner and can learn skills and pick up knowledge through observation of humans. Hubots have become common in many workplaces, especially for repetitive tasks, and have replaced human workers there.

why are the Hangover movies so popular??? the first one was perhaps decent but the ones after that...  really bleh. i dont know whats changed but year after year it seems harder to find good comedies... maybe the problem is me??

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