November 26, 2013

seriously good times

ive been enjoying teaching a lot and seeing friends on the side...  its pretty good.

i had not noticed Amazing Race is back! but that means i have 9 episodes to catch up :)  makes me want to travel of course. but i think a lot of its charm is watching friends and couples struggle through all kinds of interesting tasks, trying to find their way in cities and still, hopefully get along. makes u wonder how ud manage those situations. but yeah, now i want to go somewhere warmmmm...

well written piece about the troubles of feminists and the terminology and their image in The Guardian; " I'm a half-arsed, accidental feminist – like many other young women".

Hurriyet's article on an injured Gezi protestor. speaking of protests, Ankara police handled the teacher's day protest in their usual manner.

its international 'stop violence against women' or something like that -day, so to honor that,  42% of turkish women face face abuse :(

bought some clothes for the cold season! a soft, grey Volcom  hoodie (15tl/6e). 

a soft grey shirt with some lace... (10tl/4e)

nail polishes!
 a black corduroy skirt. cheap, will do at least one winter... (25tl/10e)

Meltem had a gift card for a free facial at a salon near Bostanci. she invted me to join her, how cool of her :) they had an interesting oxygen treatment we tried... not sure what blowing air on my face really does, based on what i learned in school; nothing. anyway, this is the treatment room. the lady doing our treatment was very nice.
 the entrance room, still under work, it seems. lol.

me and doctor went to a spa on saturday. he had a rare day off so i thought a pool, sauna and steamroom would do him some good. Hilton Double Tree is only a stone throw away so it was our choice. 100tl/40e for the day.
the lobby/bar of the spa area.

the pool, or some of it.  the water was too chilly for my taste, but luckily there was a warm jacuzzi that was big enough for me to float. i turned the jets off and relaxed in there.

brunch on sunday with Lael & Serkan. we put together (=bought) fresh pastries, menemen (turkish omelette), fresh juice, halloumi cheese, etc...  well, doctor cooked the menemen, hes my hero. it was a nice & tasty brunch with friends.

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