December 06, 2013

96th independence day

ops, time has been flying. especially for me lately, but i guess it could also refer to Finland, which is now officially 96 years old. what finland gave me:
-good, equal opportunity education
-good healthcare
-growing up without big class gaps
-growing in a relatively equal environment, i was not made feel too different or inferior to men
-honesty and humbleness
-political and economical stability (there was the 1990s recession though)
-appreciation for insulation and good construction standards

i went to bed at 7pm last night and got up at 6 this morning to go teach again but the students cancelled so then i slept some more... until 12.  i guess i needed it. i went to see Cansu's new flat in Balat yesterday, ive never been to that disctrict before. she just moved recently so it was nice to see her home is starting to shape up.

Cansu recently got this wonderfully cute cat that i was of course crazy allergic to. i took an antihistamine, maybe it helped just a bit but even Cansu commented that i dont look very healthy. i had such an aggressive rhinitis that today my nose is still red and with small cuts by the nostrils as if i suffered from a common cold for a week. after an hour more suffering i took something stronger but as expected, it made me super tired. so i left and traveled back home, eating an unhealthy toast on the ferry and then falling in the bed upon getting home.

i had some extra time in Levent yesterday after my classes so i went to check 2 shopping malls; Kanyon and Metrocity.

Kanyon is more posh and kind of an "outside mall". they have the expensive brands (think Banana Republic, GAP...and Häagen-Dazs ice cream!!) and some higher quality restaurants, but also a McD. but the mall is too complicated, i got lost a few times and felt like i had to walk too much because of the design.

 McDonalds at Kanyon.looks different than elsewhere.

Metrocity is more "average", and looks like your average mall in every way. think Yves Rocher, Mango, Claire's...   both malls have Marks & Spencer and Intimissimi though, for instance. but overall i think im more at home in Metrocity.  Kanyon just offered me some good pampering when i needed it. I bought a grey soft sweater and a black & grey warm cardigan from Vero Moda. and some underwear from Metrocity's LaSenza :)


La Senza table by the entrance, it was not welcoming, all the animal print...!!! i hate animal print.

a week ago Saturday.  i went out with Senni and Kaisa. i cant remember the name of this bar. not good with names and my first time there. i could ask Senni, she knows every corner of the city :)
in the mornings that i go to Etiler to teach i stop over at this street seller and buy a tomato-egg sandwich for breakfast (3.5tl/1.5e).

the first ferry of the morning...  wonderfully empty at 7:45-> . people here go to work  a bit later than in finland. but also stay at work later. way later.

Miri had a layover in Istanbul on Tuesday night, on her way back to Cairo. so we spent a few good hours in Taksim, from 1am to 4:30am. i didnt take a single photo so its all up to my memory to remember it. but i think i need to go to Cairo soon....

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