December 11, 2013

phone games

i just read aspartame isnt so toxic and does not cause cancer after all. thats great news. but just one study. whether its true or not, its my choice of "sugar". i do get real sugar from fruits.

i am excited about Life360 (phone app). since google latitude stopped working (and wasnt that great to begin with!), i wanted something else to be tracked with. it seems to sync often and u can get updates when a person in your "circle" leaves or arrives to a specific place, like home. this is just useful for when you are worried or dont want to bother your spouse with "did u leave work yet?". which is a question in my mind when i plan to cook and doctors getting-off-work time varies greatly...   i originally got a bit paranoid and wanted a location tracking app after that american lady was killed apparently in bright daylight in istanbul. thats less likely to happen than a car crash, of course, but somehow it made me think id feel safer if my location was easy to see (and track down later on). when i told my friend about this, she was not as excited and wondered "what about when you dont want your location to be seen..." but when would that be?? she agreed. but felt like it was kind of a privacy issue. i dont share the feeling. and doctor is not the type who is following my movements anyway. i could only imagine him checking up on me if i was out really late, to see if im on my way home or so.

ok, its 22:40 and i have a wake up at 7am, so i need to be in bed within minutes!

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