December 19, 2013

unraveling the secret to happiness

happiness is an energy drink in the fridge when you wake up in the morning.
 -first world quotes by jenni

no but happiness is right now having someone to cuddle with, someone who loves and appreciates me. and buys me energy drinks occasionally as a gift. having work, food and a warm bed adds to the happiness too...

why do humans (usually) like cuddling so much? dogs and cats do too sometimes, but not as much i think. humans really need other human beings...

i logged on deviantart after a break, the amount of comments and stuff always waiting there is overwhelming. anyway, in my messages section i saw this mention of me that really warmed my heart; (appeared in this article; First Favorite)

from last week, when we were returning from the independence day party with Melisa & her bf. they were being all cute and i whipped out my camera of course. 

in the end i HAD TO make a christmas tree again. i bought some plastic that i rolled into a cone, sprayed it with 'snow' and set the lights around it. done. it turned out to be just as expensive as a small plastic tree, but those are really bad looking, with a few thin branches...  so rather than spend a 100tl/40e on a really nice fake tree, making my own contemporary version seemed  like a better idea.

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