December 17, 2013

keeping it warm

past days werent supposedly busy but somehow i felt like i didnt have time...  i started with a new english student on saturday and there was a party that night, and my cousin Saana came for a short visit on sunday and i took her and her friends out... and then i slept too late today and there was an electricity cut, and then an internet cut... and my poor computer was all confused again after the electricity cut.. and then i had to prepare for my classes tomorrow...and then rush to european side as Carina was kindly hosting a small christmassy get together at her place, just for us girls (Hanna, Carilyn). 

teaching is giving me a lot, especially the insight into turkish culture through various people and their stories, but the job itself is a personal experience that is fulfilling. there are the usual issues, last minute cancellations, people being late. every job has its ups and downs... but this is what im doing now, anyway.

im loooving candles more than ever. they make it feel like winter. got tons of candles, big and small, from IKEA last week. 

new ring! 

i changed the curtains in the bedroom. they were green which i am not so fond of, so now i updated them to purple. also from IKEA. while changing the curtains around the house i also noticed that our rooms are of various heights, with 20-30cm differences between them... 

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