January 22, 2014

if nothing else works, buy more shoes

i was impressed with Malta airport. i arrived there at 3:30am, my flight at 5:45 was the fist one that morning, and there had been no departures or arrivals after midnight... yet the cafes and tax frees were kindly open. even Claire's was open. well i enjoyed a late night coffee with free airport wi-fi. i could swear that ive been at Helsinki airport very late at night once and everything was closed. thats so wrong, its an airport for gods sake.

yesterday was a haircut day, today monthly nail repair. perhaps i should name this week a me-week. then again, not sure how that really differs from a normal week, theme wise...?

i got these pink Clarks shoes in the mail just before my trip. they are on the edge of being too hippy/aunty for me, but i will give them a try. age is getting to me, i am starting to lean towards comfy...
but not so fast! i bought the left pair off eBay (18e incl. shipping) just before my trip, and i guess i conveniently forgot about them, as i then bought the pair on the right from Malta (20e). to my defense, i dont think they are identical....the left pair has a softer leather texture, whereas the other heels are just kind of "bitchy". both are super comfy though.
boots from Malta. hidden platform, really godsent for the ball of the foot.

this simple 7e dress caught my eye at Jennyfer. will be great next summer.

some new earrings....  from Etsy (the spikes) and Six.

AlJazeera: Turkey passes controversional medical aid bill, which bans doctors from giving even emergency care without gov authorization. this law has been in the works since the summer, they drafted it right after the protests...  its been depressing to follow how it is becoming a reality. but nothing to do. these things are just so sickening they are mentally driving me away from turkey. yet, i am also planning on making another push for learning more turkish. i just need to really focus...!

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