January 07, 2014

.jpg or it didnt happen

the year changed, which i guess i didnt blog about. bt we invented the calendar - nothing really happened anyway. me and doctor spent the night at a friends place and it was all kinds of nice there. i made a punch and it was a nice evening.

instagram proof of it all:
someone had a cool digital polaroid that printed photos.  its us in the photo, talking to Tamer.

before midnight people were handed masks. the guy in the background (who worked in Tamer's shop and is from Mersin) didnt care for those i guess. but i was lovin it!!

tonight i went to Taksim after teaching and met Senni. we enjoyed a nice dinner in a vegan restaurant (Klemuri) and then a glass of wine at a (probably9 new place, NY-IST cafe. i think going to the "NY" theme is a cheap shot, but turkey is not super developed after all, and it was a nice place for sure! so i would recommend it. its in the nice siraselviler/cihangir area.

NY Cafe, awfully christmassy, but cute:

on my way home, almost at my home door, i suddenly heard "jenni!" and there they were, Alexandra whom i just met last week (Nilla's friend), Umut and 'Gilead' - someone who knows me through the internet. 

the terrace is in a nice corner, love to watch the life there. Alexandra is thinking of moving to turkey for good and we spend a good amount of time talking her into it- (she is blurred below, it was just not  favorable angle, but there is Umut in there!).

this bar used to be called Humeyra, and went through a renovation in the past 2-3 months. now its  name is Rock n' Rolla, but basically the decor is dark strip tease/home restaurant(ish) - because they didnt change the tables and chairs. they play 90s metal/heavy....  i think the owners are the same as before, bker people. either way, an ok place. they have a deal with Finlandia, the menu has Finnish cocktails and stuff... all with Finlandia vodka displayed around prominently, including these glasses.

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