March 23, 2014

not looking good, no

the elections coming up theres tension in the air. campaign trucks blasting loud music drive around neighborhoods, and passionate campaign speeches are being given at squares. people are talking. as usual, im pessimistic. not only because the large, poor rural majority who dont care about Twitter bans would still probably favor AKP, which gave the country a boost in economy (whos to say another party would not have been done the same, i dunno), but i think this time around the ruling party is in such fear of losing power, they will likely fiddle with votes. i dont think these elections will be fair, whereas i actually believe the (few) past ones have. there has been talk about why apparently a lot of syrian refugees have been 'made' eligible to vote in the past few months. well, they are known to support AKP. i do think it seems a bit off if a refugee who arrived a few months ago could vote, whereas i, a resident for 4 years, cannot. (Hürriyet Daily's article on the topic). turkey does not seem to have an early voting system, so my friend who is a stewardess, cannot vote at all as she is flying on the voting day. at least that problem concerns everyone equally, but its a small % of turks that even have a passport, or a visa to go abroad, so.

i think i will give up on Hells Kitchen. the latest season just started but im not sure if something changed in the show or if its me - i just feel like im not getting much out of it. its just shouting and drama.

the Iranian friends who showed us around Tabriz came to Turkey for a visit. not their first time here, but finally we will get to "pay back" the hospitality they showed us. looking forward to a dinner with them.

before the dinner, i should watch the Bobby Fischer documentary though. doctor had tried watching it but said he it was not interesting for him and the guy is a huge sexist. i wonder if i can watch without getting too pissed to ruin my sunday.

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