March 26, 2014

somehow its gloomy

i think ive been a bit stressed and down for the past few days. but i cant point a reason. i went to H&M and bought a new bra but even that didnt really cheer me up. well, it was not a perfect bra, but i tried on like 6 different models and i wouldve been even more depressed if i left the shop emptyhanded so i got the ones that fit decently & looked cute.

and i was thinking i should clean up around the flat before my father arrives on thursday, but then i changed my mind. maybe i will vacuum a bit, but thatll do. its not like they clean when i visit their home. and the idea of cleaning up especially if u have family or close friends coming doesnt really make sense ...?

ive been playing the game Infection on my phone lately. its annoyingly slow and there are illogicalities but somehow i am addicted anyway. thats the most ridiculous thing, being addicted to something u almost dislike for its lack of perfection.

in other news, im doing a lot of software testing work and learning plenty and thats very satisfying. finding bugs is satisfying. if u dont find any, ur left with the question of whether u missed it...  the more you find, and the trickier they are, the more fulfilling it is.

i want to see Dallas Buyers Club soon.

ive found Spotify playlists and enjoying them greatly, they work surprisingly well. spotify really changed my music consumption experience altogether. thank you sweden?

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