April 13, 2014

life with tv, april 13th 2014

waiting for the new season of Nurse Jackie. i am worried it will be boring and watered down but i guess i have to wait and see. i gave up on Hells Kitchen, too much shouting to make any sense. UK Voice just finished, meh. US Voice is going on, there is still hope...   CSI and Criminal Minds are at least the same old they always were, no surprises.

Helix was veeery sci-fi for me, but not bad. just way out there. the logic was lost after 1 or 2 episodes and then it was just kind of emotional...  but i followed it until the end of the season.

upon a friends recommendation, i decided to finally give The Killing (US) a chance. also i will look into From Dusk Til Dawn.

The 100 is clearly for another target group (teenagers?) but ive watched the first few episodes anyway. i might or might not be able to continue.

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