April 06, 2014

nescafe, tv and nothing

i decided to take this sunday and probably monday to rest my aching wrist. i made a very DIY splint which forces me left handed. and makes everything sloooow. an anti-inflammatory pill or two and by tuesday i have hopefully calmed the wrist down a bit :)

after my mac praise i decided to write a balancing reminder of the many products that are very cheap and yet very good. especially in (semi-tranparent) lipglosses its easy to find great products for pocket change.  below are H&M, LaSenza and I Love Cosmetics glosses, all around 1-4 euros. H&M eye shadow, one of my all time favorites palettes, probably worth a couple euros, is not very high on pigment but does not "cake" in eye lid crease and i like the colors. Maybelline's BB foundation, thin moisturizing coverage for around 6-8 euros (in Turkey).  IsaDora eye brow pencil which ive used for maybe 10 years or longer (this exact pencil!). Ellen Betrix lip liner is new for me but does the job well. Essence waterproof eyeliner was love at first sight, easily a 24h product! i forgot Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara from this photo but it been my fav mascara for the past couple years - a reliable voluminous choice.

oh, this not-doing-anything-sunday is going great! doctor left for a night shift but we had one quarter of a day together...due to sleeping late. its been a while since i woke up without an alarm, this was badly needec...

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