April 03, 2014

tuesday bazaar aka sali pazari

untypically, just a quick look at Kadiköy's "Tuesday Bazaar", cos i took so many photos. its on the same big square where the driving schools hold driving exams on sundays. its also where i had my driving exam. but so, on tuesdays its efficiently filled up with sellers offering vegetables, cheese, nuts, fabric, rugs, household tools, baby clothes and so on...    i went there on 2 days ago with Carilyn and 2 of her friends who r visiting from the states. its a huge area, i could spend the whole day there...  but luckily time was limited and so my wallet was not emptied of its contents. i only got a microwave oven cooking cover, some socks, underwear and a grey dress...  probably spent around 25tl/8e.

 dozens of veggie sellers.

buttons! a lot of buttons!

seller reaching for money with his handy basket system. 


glass bowls, big and small.  

these huge glass bowls (the one in front was like 45cm in diameter) were all 10tl/3,3e.

shoes somewhat unconventionally presented. 

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