April 03, 2014

life proxyfied

my wrist is aching every day now, so i think its the 'mouse-wrist disease' looming. i had an issue with it before, like 2 yrs ago, but a few days of not using my right hand and putting it in sturdy bandaid helped momentarily. aaand i wondered about developing blisters especially at the back of my right heel. then realized theres a bump. its kind of bone growth it seems, like the one at the bottom of my heels. called Haglund's deformity, if its that indeed. popular among us heel wearers...  so ill take the blame. nasty thing, thankfully not painful, but difficult with the shoes...

tomorrow im going for hair laser removal. i tried IPL before (not quite laser) and well, there is a reason im trying something else now. it seemed to work fabulously but after 6 months to 1 year, my body hair was growing again :( maybe weaker, maybe less...but that doesnt count. FAIL. so i know enough to not try that again. although studies are not conclusive of the effectiveness, real laser should be better than IPL. lets see? ill prep with a lidocaine cream :D

a pathetic try at a photo from inside the Hagia Sophia... that place is huge...  its a pretty impossible task to try capture it in any sensible way, even fish eye...  (went there for the first time with my father). 

on the  bar street, with my father, Volkan and the rest. last friday.

salmon soup.  my first soup EVER, as far as i remember. got the tip from my father. it was ok, but maybe a bit lame. i just dont like using salt, maybe it was that. or the fact that we used turkish salmon, which is 4.5x cheaper than the norwegian one. but we made so much we are still eating it, ops... 

got a haircut last week from another expat, Ellie. she seemed to understand my concerns. i want to grow my hair longer now so she just tidied it up. but this photo is right after waking up and looks exactly like that.

i got a MAC gift card from the girls as a birthday gift and i started spending today...   lip liner and eye shadow :) the service at MAC here is generally so-so... the rotation of staff seems to be quick too, almost every time i visit (every month or so) there are new people. today the girl i talked to was not aware that MAC had a foundation series called Select, as it was discontinued last year i guess. yet, actually she was the nicer of the 2 consultants there, the guy that this newbie girl had to ask advice from spoke really fast, although the the girl kept telling him to slow down as she knew my turkish is ..what it is. anyway, he didnt seem too friendly either, kind of abrasive and pushy - telling her "just sell her Studio Fix". well i already have Studio Fix and its nothing like Select...  and then as we dealt with the gift cards, this guy was talking about 'millions' as some people still do here. THE ZEROES WERE DROPPED OFF THE CURRENCY 11 YEARS AGO. 11. in 2003. seriously. and people still talk about millions? its not like they would see them in bank statements, price tags, tax forms or anywhere else. they just like their millions, like this guy who was probably my age and young enough to understand the new value of the lira. whatever, obviously i was mostly upset at the service.

the last time i visited there was a consultant who applied Mineralize Moisture foundation in NC15 on the other side of my face and Mineralize foundation in NC25 on the other, and then she was like well, which one do you want??!! umm, where did NC20 disappear? maybe they were out of it at the moment, but that happens to be my color, so..   i didnt get neither.

anyway i got this lip liner for everyday use (fits with generic light pink shades) and eye shadow (great beyond).

Ink Master has gone down the same road as many ther reality shows; "social media". social media will give you points and social media will have an effect on the outcome and yadi yadi yaa...    well i can live with that, but this season is even stronger on product placement or direct marketing (Corona, X-men...). maybe thats how they *have to* fund the show for it to continue? but then there was an episode where the contestants were sort of forced to close-up photograph and touch spiders and scorpions and stuff...  they are a common subject of tattoos, and i can see that bringing live animals into the mix makes it all more interesting but of course it all focused on drama and some artists perhaps didnt manage so well in the challenged because they were not comfortable enough to go close to the animals. anyway, some of the tattoos are awesome, i will keep watching for now. and yearning for another tattoo of my own. one of the artists from Ink master that i still remember and dream of going to is Tommy Helm.

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