April 30, 2014

randomly from turkey; residence permit panic in the air

turkish residency permit application rules and other immigration related rules have changed so many times just during this past 4 years that i cant keep up. one common demoninator is lack of official information, not just in english but also in turkish. there are just rumous and first hand experiences that all vary. maybe if youre lucky you find a government website with some information but even that is not guaranteed to be right. a year ago it was decided that the "immigration ministry(?)" will take over the residency permit application processes, but the deadline of April 1st came and nothing had been done. so people are not getting their permits renewed as the police stations are still in charge but clueless and no one knows what is to be done and what is required. needless to say foreigners are panicking. if you dont renew your permit in time you can face fines and whatnot (you never know what youre gonna get!)

i picked a few "info posts" in facebook groups - there are dozens of them - and shall paste them here for entertainment. i cant claim that they serve any other value since the information is not confirmed anywhere. but it does seem like things just got a lot stricter and  they now only give 1 yr permits and all the requirements make US seem like an easy place to immigrate. well, time will show what they really want but here goes;

to this i say, oh wow, good luck. many of the items listed are new, and the money you need to have has gone up. plus, from what i hear, they don't accept the fake exchange office receipts anymore. i was faced with that myself situation too so that doesn't shock me. but proof of taking turkish lessons? 
 this one is actually similar to the first one... 
this one is focused on the insurance, but later there were many more posts about the type of insurances one needs, some private insurance companies are not accepted, while others might be...etc.

this one has slightly different information. yellali.com also wrote something on the new residence permit rules.

so, everything is open. i am SO glad i got a 5 yr permit the last time i applied. one of the smarter things ive done in my time.

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