April 28, 2014

its all about waiting

Miriam is coming to Istanbul for another layover tonight, some 16h. should be good for us to spend some time together. she is going back to europe now. lets see for how long.

im wondering about long lasting relationships. yes, they are hard work. but what else. whats at the core? i think studies say respect.. if i remember correctly. that would make sense.i guess im wondering how to best keep this one going, since i got lucky.

i avoid people when they have trouble with ill family members. i am sure its not rare either, people do not always know how to react and what to say, they rather keep a distance. but sometimes its unavoidable, and i have to say, uncomfortable. if someone just needs a listener, i can do that, but of course a discourse of some sort if often expected. and i dont like that. i have absolutely nothing to say :(

Helsinki next week. im already getting stressed about the schedule, but thats the price i pay for getting to meet the people i like.

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