April 22, 2014

finally here

interview with Jenn Tisdale who had a "date" with James Deen. i found the story and the whole thing about anyone able to offer themselves to do a porno with James is novel.

the day turned out warm and beautiful,and it was a day off in finland so i didnt have a lot of work, aaaand doctor had a day off (almost, his boss had arranged some sort of mandatory meeting, at his house! there are no real days off...). we went to moda seaside for a picnic. perfect.

tired and uninterested in getting our red living room rugs washed (would be around 40tl(13e)/rug), we have been in the look out for new rugs...  i am usually all for sticking with the od if its fixable but something about the red rugs was kinda meh... and i feel a bit "bad" about being such a consumer... aaaanyway! IKEA had a sale and ullgump rugs were 49tl(17e) each...  they are smaller than the old ones but certainly perfect in every other aspect. so we got 2. (the one with snowball pattern)
this bottle recycling unit showed up on our street. i had seen a few earlier but well, now they are here. i cant say i am too excited, i got very quickly used to the turkish system of piling everything in one bag and letting trash collectors and whomever sort it out. nice and easy. i was never too fond of sorting the trash in finland either, its ironic that in a 1 room flat your supposed to have like 6 different trash cans and expected to deliver some to various places... i realize the people are too expensive to be paid to do that, but thats why i quite enjoy how here some homeless people can earn by collecting specific materials and taking them to the plant...  even if only a portion of the trash gets sorted like this, its still more than all of finland in tons, im pretty sure. but back to the point, i guess we need to start sorting bottles then :( i am one to follow rules, usually, so...  *shrugs*

i decided to FINALLY try mineral makeup. possibly just cos i have almost every other foundation by MAC and i was running out of options? no but i was curious too. and i had my MAC gift card which i received as a birthday gift so thats why i was so actively looking for something to buy to begin with...  anyway i go to the MAC store nearby and we try Mineralize foundation/loose in shade Light, and when i am happy to take it, they tell me they dont have any. that its "discontinued". wtf?? and then they put the tester back on the display? welcome to turkey. they made it very clear that they cannot call another mac store for me, and wished me luck. well now i was really obsessed in getting this product of course. called around, no, every store really is out of this particular shade. well im going to finland soon, so i call MAC store in helsinki. well what do u know, they are out of it too. at this point i really feel like the world is against me. but the turkish online shop claimed to have it in stock. not that it can be trusted so i had doctor call and double check...  then i made my order. it arrived today and i am a little bit happy :)

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