April 16, 2014

postman always...if ur lucky

i guess flawed characters make for more interesting tv, but i think i prefer the lest flawed ones...  or perhaps its a matter of the flaws they have? the asperger lady in The Bridge was cool by me most of the time. The Killing then, i LOVE the series, but the detective ladys poor communication skills and negligence as a mother bug me plenty :( a lot of harm could have been avoided if she just said the right things and thought of her sons best for once. but often she says nothing at all, just looks sad. Motive's sharp single mom however just looks (and sounds) right, i wish she was my BFF. or more. Prime Suspect's (US) hardworking cop is also an idol of mine, she has everything under control :)

our neighborhood has a new postman. thank god, the previous who worked for about a year was horrible, i was not getting all of my mail...or it was delivered to the wrong building and maybe, eventually got to me through the nice people of the neighborhood. and yes, i know its the postmans fault cos he also tried to deliver me my neighbors mail, he was old and had a bad sight so the small numbers were too blurry to see i guess, we were looking at the same bloody envelope once and he was convinced it said 22, when it said 12 or something. anyway the new postman delivered us a Threadless shirt package, i was super happy. he was talking something about the chair shop guy opposite our flat who often gets our mail (thanks to the old confused post man!)...saying that he went for a summer holiday. im not sure how its related to us, there were some critical words that i missed. but we exchanged numbers and i will have doctor call him to ask. there was a question in all of that, so i think we should confirm something. i really want to keep "close" to this new guy in order to get my mail!

//doctor called the 'postaci' and he just wanted to know where to leave mail in case we are not home, since the chair guy is not here now. how nice! (and how could i not have understood?)

anyway, the shirts...my artsy kitties on the left and the 2 are for doctor; Mona Lisa glitch and city bear.

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