May 17, 2014

happy to be back

back home, enjoying the sun and tshirt weather. my skin is back to normal from chalk dry, miracle recovery in 12 hours! and im not kidding. although i studied the subject, i find it surprising that the skin can react so quickly.

i met plenty of friends (though not all, this prioritizing business is always cruel...),  worked during weekdays and was on the move a lot.

office in helsinki. very comforting with all the computers.

subway station. 

finnish backyard in the city. 

Kaisaniemi park on a weekday. 

lunch at my stepfathers place. tasty, tasty meatballs and bread etc. 

Lahti bus station on a thursday evening. kind of sad looking... 

on my way from Lahti to Helsinki i was the only one in the bus - i felt like i had my own chauffeur, and a VERY big limo. 

bar Pulmu in Kallio has a cute Pan Am theme. i was there with Antti for a late night drink. 

i am so proud of my 2nd hand shopping in finland (really, the promised country for 2nd hand shops and garage sales)...  many of the items had a tag "made in turkey" so i feel like a true 'recycler' now...   i have to boast with my findings (they were mostly 1e each, the most i paid was 4e for a skirt)

very pink & very basic H&M dress, looks huge somehow, maybe i should try it on...? the dark pink shirt has puffy sleeves, very girly and i wore it to Karri's yearly party last saturday. the white H&M dress shirt has ruffled, puffy shoulders, which suites me, and i like the black buttons. i am very happy about the back corduroy handbag, i already shifted to it. it has plenty of pockets. better for the summer than my huge Marimekko bag. the wedge heel shoes (H&M) are typical of me, practical on the stony Istanbul streets and comfortable. i pondered long about the low heeled pointy toed shoes, but i think they will be useful one day. anyway now its summer so they will go directly to storage atm.

jeans by H&M and Only. the latter is my favorite jeans brand by far. grey Gina Tricot cardigan. pink corduroy skirt & jeans skirt by Esprit. green black sweater. flowery semi-formal skirt by Nine West. the grey and red dresses are fall/winter material, but very nice and soft, i absolutely love them. by Esprit. 

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