May 31, 2014

so many things could go wrong

in less than a week, doctors passport was sent back from the greek consulate (or company handling the requests, KosmosVize) with a 1yr visa. so we r all set for the holiday! im frantically googling and researching all the b&b's with balconies in front of a white usual, everything has to be PERFECT.

its the 1st gezi "anniversary" and i sent Tiitta and her bf to Sultanahmet for sightseeing, confident that the ferry traffic from europe towards asia wouldnt be cut off. so far it hasnt but everything else including the bridge seem to be closed so i just texted them to start heading back. kadiköy port is apparently full of 'robocops' and there are 20 water cannon vehicles lined up, so im getting a bit worried if they would cut all intercontinental traffic. that would be a big oops. but a very 'full' istanbul experience - welcome to turkey! taksim square so far is calm but tense, police and random groups of people are gathering while streets toward the square are blocked.

if tomorrow is calm though, we will go to Taksim i think. there are nice places to see there... tonight im thinking a meze dinner at the local wine house :P they have a wonderful garden. if it gets teargassy though, the dinner could get uncomfortable?

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