May 28, 2014

how could i forget!

wow i forgot to post a pic of my haircut! must be all the european right wing hassle and Ukrainian stuff that r breaking my concentration, dammit!  not like the hair is any different...  but well, trimmed. i am happy with it (worth noting).
i accepted an admin job at a facebook group where im active. its for foreign women (in istanbul). im already spending time there and being helpful so why not. a girl needs her hobbies - why not manage catfights? uh, that sounded...  yeah.

i saw this web article header today... "How to boil eggs right". my immediate thought? with an egg boiler. and i stick with that answer. its almost as important as microwave oven to me. tomorrow i intend to cook though, with a pan a stove. 

and Tiitta and her bf are coming tomorrow :) and saturday marks 1 yr Gezi anniversary. protest planning is on the way, i hear...  now, off to watch the second episode of Bachelor! today and tomorrow are work work work days!!  invigorating :)

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