May 25, 2014

doing nothing celebration

whew. last night i was finally home alone at 10pm, for the first time in weeks. i was missing my alone time badly. its nice to travel and hang out with friends but oh lord did i need my tv fix...  Arttu left yesterday morning. I also woke up at 8:30 to go to european side and take a friend to a doctors check up, she had surgery recently. from there i rushed to Taksim square to meet Hesi & her bf. i brought them to Kadik√∂y and we walked around and stopped over at rooftop restaurants and backyard garden bars. and ate some turkish food of course. it was good to catch up, her life has been interesting.

it was wonderful to wake up today at 1pm without an alarm. its a bit late, but  i deserved it. tomorrow is a work day again, so.

so finland is playing for goooold tonight in Minsk at the hockey world championships

US version of The Voice is controversial for me. very well produced and i like the coaches. but the music. too much country and desperate attempts to show "range" (ie. Christina Aguilera's power singers). im the wrong audience music vise :(

need to buy another fan soon. summers here.

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