May 22, 2014

weather apps (forecasts) are not created equal

i was always checking my iPhone's native weather app (by Yahoo) and getting depressed. i concluded many times that it was off. ok, so that happens, but it was specifically forecasting colder weather, every time. so i decided to check a few other apps that use difference sources for their forecast. i downloaded them, checked the forecast for a specific day, and then on that day, noted down the real temperature and analyzed the results. i did this for about 2 weeks. firstly, it proved my perception about Yahoo's "cold weather" trend to be true.

turns out Accuweather and Celcius Free (by Foreca) gave the most accurate forecasts re: temperature. worth noting is that Weather Live gave consistently very (=too) optimistic forecasts; 1-3 degrees higher. so i ditched that too. i now have Accuweather and Celcius Free both. well i think i upgraded Celcius to the paid version, it was 1,89e or so. Accuweather's user interface is really messy though, toooooo much stuff. i would pay to have the ability to simplify it, but they are pushing the wind and unnecessary BS info too hard. below is the unnecessary BS info, and there is plenty of it;
 Celcius Free has a nicely clean view which i appreciate.

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