June 16, 2014

Kadiköy Moda last weekend

doctor and i went for a walk around our neighborhood (Moda) the past weekend...  the great weather and my cheery mood (apparently) inspired me to snap photos.

a high school with Ataturk flag AND statue. statue reads like "the most important thing to understand life is science".

the seaside boulevard that starts from near the port, close to home, and spand about 2-4km to the east. wonderful for picnics, walks - and jogging , dog walking or family activities for those who r into that.  

 (is that pollution in the background, over the european side of the city?)

europe in the back...

the most popular ice cream parlour in Moda always has a queue...

sitting in a cafe (Yer) taking it easy ...

a coffee shop near our home. there are countless hipstery cafes in Moda...

a new restaurant on our street. 

"baby baby" is covered, but "hit me tyyp one more time" still makes the song reference obvious :D tyyp referring to the PM, of course. turks have learned to deal with the frustration through humor.

a bbq brunch with some friends! there was a proper chef present and omg everything was so tasty. pork sausage, honey marinated chicken and grilled veggies...  a lot of spanish and greek tastes. not that i could tell but i was told. also catalan style Vermouth was served. a wonderful view of the bosphorus set the mood for the wonderful day.

a protest against governments plan to deal with the street animals by taking them to "natural parks" outside the city, which means a fenced area where they will be left to die (not on paper, but in practice, we believe). the plan is coming to effect on june 19th, if i am not mistaken. very sad if they go through with it. just as i took this picture, we were sitting in a cafe  and a sweet (well fed) dog was laying next to our feet.
i wasnt able to confirm the latest details on the stary animals issue, but while looking, i ran across this piece from last year (Hurriyet);
Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu has appealed ----

“We shouldn’t forget our friends. A cup of water, a piece of food saves an animal’s life. In this boiling hot weather, our friends who live in the street need water and food as much as we do. We have to be sensitive on this subject,”


“We see them as our friends. In the past, our ancestors used to put water cups in parks and gardens. We need to maintain this tradition,” the minister said, adding that meeting the water needs of stray animals was “a duty for everybody.”

also, from the past February, a news piece about animal cruelty sentences being upped to max 2 yrs (Hurriyet) ;
The penalty for killing animals through torture will be increased to two years in jail with a new legal amendment.

Previously, the law on the protection of animals only stipulated fines--


The fines for 21 other crimes against animals have also been increased. The highest possible fine is 15,226 Turkish Liras and is given for “any action that causes the extinction of a species.” The lowest fine is 89 liras for “those who fail to take measures or comply with the rules during the ownership and maintenance of animals.”

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