June 06, 2014

things to choose from

Welcome to Sweden is an amusing series. i don't think it has nough to keep me amused for a whole season, but i started with the second episode now, so...  i think they're trying something like Lilyhammer here, but i didnt go past the first episode with that one.

i will start and see if Hannibal keeps me interested.   Mike Judge's Silicon Valley did NOT work for me...not sure why. maybe it felt like they were trying too hard? it just wasnt even that funny. however the first episode of an awkward "IT" show based in the 80s, Halt and Catch Fire somehow seemed interesting. i will continue to the next episode, at least.

the following shows starting soon may be total fails but i bet there is a gem somewhere in there, if i just watch...

Murder in the First
Young and Hungry

True Blood's final season is starting soon too..  i googled to make sure Alexander Skardsk√•rd is still in. and he is. so maybe its worth fast forwarding like the past 2-3 seasons...? the rumours say Viking Eric gets himself some man to man action :D sounds good?!

Tiitta and kitty in a bar a few days ago. kitties just feel magnetic attraction to her, they know she is a good kitty momma...:)

the youtube ban was lifted again. so, until the next corruption video/tape pops up... lets enjoy. of course there are ways to go around, its just annoying, i dont want to be behind proxies all the time. and the cat and mouse game with functional DNS servers is tiring too.

whats wrong with Facebooks algorithms lately, it keeps suggesting me people to friend, and i have so far not even recognized a single one of them...  fail.

doctor is trying to choose a subject for his research thesis now. the professor is suggesting stuff like comparing some blood work of pancreatic patients and im thinking lets make it interesting; study how much unnecessary antibiotics are prescribed for sore throat. its well known and acknowledged problem in turkey, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be confirmed with numbers. but there are some challenges; as in reports not being always sufficiently filled (if patient has sore throat AND fever AND something, yet they only write down 'sore throat') and so on. but doctor himself had some other "socio-economic" (or population or emergency medical care related) ideas that i thought were interesting.

last night i got to thinking of what me and doctor have in common. because there is a lot we dont...   but i was telling him about this bar i went to with Tiitta + bf, and he asked what kind of music they played. i was like uhh...i dont remember, i didnt pay attention, BUT, they did play I Am the Highway by Audioslave. to which doctor responded "i hate Audioslave", and i was like "me too!" :D i didnt know that...     and today i told him about this incident in finland, where they found 5 dead babies in a storage room. a 35 yr woman confessed to storing her babies, but said they were all born dead (unlikely!). and that she has a turkish husband, only since 2010 though - the babies were older. and that we have a common FB friend with her.  so, what i then realized is that doctor doesnt "care" the same way i dont...sort of. he was like "oh, ok". i was in finland when the mining disaster happened, but we never discussed that either, not at all i think. maybe he feels something, but generally neither of us expresses much emotion for tragedies outside our own lives. for me, feeling and understanding or thinking are just separate. i think i have sort of empathy though, its just limited. doctor definitely has empathy as well, but he is not overflowing with it, that type of behavior would annoy me. another thing we have in common is how we think of lifes basics (oh its getting deep!) - maybe not all - but the part where we see ourselves as animals, results of evolution, pieces of meat that do not contain much meaning after death...lacking soul and higher purposes, callings or fate. and how we sometimes analyze people and their behavior.  theres probably more.

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