June 07, 2014


well yesterday was bullshit.

just as we had been struggling with the leaking toilet for what seemed like forever (doctor always managed to fix it momentarily but then another problem arose, etc.), yesterday our kitchen got flooded. again. there is something wrong with the buildings plumbing and it causes water to come out of the kitchen floor drain. it happened once before and we got a plumber to fix something, he attempted to cleaned the main pipeline i guess. but i had my suspicions that it would be only momentary. and the fact that on that occasion the floor drain was filled with silicone "just in case"... well, yesterday afternoon was busy with work and happened to go to kitchen just in time to see dirty water flowing from the sink onto the cutting table and floor.

so doctor got a fun wake up. were just sailing from one problem to another, it seems. his work schedule doesnt really allow much downtime to take care of leaking toilets or anything else lately, so...   and no, plumbers cannot be trusted, i had to learn that the hard way - ive had more contact with plumbers in this country than ever in my life before. i wonder why! praise turkish engineering! ur just so on your own here, i know it for a fact but this was a good reminder. i guess things COULD be worse, but this got me pretty upset.

so were trying to keep the water from spreading to the rest of the flat, started scooping the water from the sink and doctor called the insurance company. home insurances are rare here, but id insisted on one. i think i understand why no one has one though, now, as they wouldnt cover the fix because the problem is in the building. they did send a certified plumber though, cheers for that...    to be fair, our building 'manager' (sounds too fancy but lets go with that) did come down from her floor to see our struggle and understood our situation. she has a nasty reputation but has taken a liking to me, and therefor to doctor as well. she seemed agreeable to sharing the bill with the other 3 flats in the building, and then started a pretty rough negotiation with the plumber. and i mean rough. me and doctor hid in the livingroom while she went at it. the good? she made a decent deal with the plumber. the bad? that meant we wouldnt get a receipt, and our slightest chance of getting it off our rent would disappear. now lets just hope she doesnt change her mind. people do that a lot in this part of the world...

the plumber fixed the floor drain, apparently it was causing at least some of the problem by being faultily installed, obstructing the main pipe. they also looked at the main pipes with a camera, said they're wrong, somehow, too much horizontal as opposed to vertical...  and a lot of animals living there. whatever. a part of me still wanted to block the kitchen sink too and see the water rise up to the next floor and have that guy (hes not too nice) deal with it. surely water damage would come through the ceiling then but since when did anyone here care about any of that? i can paint over it. weve had so many leaks and floods in the kitchen by now, i really dont want to see underneath the kitchen cupboards. the visible wooden parts are...  well, rotten of course. i havent worried about those for a loooong time.

woohoo we got a new floor drain. eh? nice job. ok, maybe thats how its done everywhere. i just find it a bit rough. of course we will ask the landlord if they would like to pay for filling that hole, but otherwise i think we'll leave it be...  its in the corner, and weve already spent so much money fixing this flat...    including the gas heater pipe above. there was a leak too, although small, and we asked him to take care of it while hes at it. the leak was in the front pipe, but i guess it required breaking the wall, also. 

aaaand what better opportunity to get the toilet fixed. now the insides have been changed. there is no way the landlord would ever pay for that but such is life. maybe we dont have to think about it for the next couple months.

at 6pm doctor had to leave for night shift, he was already a couple hours late and they were holding another guy there as 'hostage' until he would arrive. the plumber left around 7:30 and i was left with a smelly and dirty kitchen.

friday was somewhat better. nothing surprising at least. we did our usual shift change in the morning, me getting up and doctor going to bed. i did some more clean up in the kitchen. in the evening i had my turkish class. and i did meet Bengi for coffee before that. for dinner, i cooked soup for the 2nd time in my life :) salmon soup. i forced doctor to wake up to eat. he didnt finish the plate and instead went back to sleep. not saying that as a complaint, if ur sleep deprivation is worse than ur hunger, then sleep. the body decides what it needs. i finished his plate too but there is still enough soup left for my lunch and dinner tomorrow. i would like to be optimistic about tomorrow being a little better, i have no plans for the day. i hope i can just make the best out of it.

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