June 13, 2014

bloody friday 13th

we went to bed early and i woke up at 4am to doctor going to the toilet. then i heard a tumble and rushed to find him on the floor with blood all over, confused and unable to stand. hed fainted and cut his head :(  we called an ambulance (20minutes, FYI) and spent the morning at the hospital, all the way until noon. the reason for his constant dizziness was low blood pressure, but it remained low and no cause was found. upon discharge he was up to 90/60 and i could see he was "ok" sort of, smiley and chatty and walking again. since no problems were found in blood work, heart or elsewhere - i guess there wasnt much to do. i also felt like he was ready to go home so we left. otherwise i guess we would have moved him to his "own" hospital which is not as close.

i will spare the internet, and doctors privacy, of the bloody photos. the cut in his forehead was deeeep. 4 stitches and the scar will only make him more charismatic tho - right? :)

screening his own test results in the emergency room;

i was once again reminded of how the system works here. me, as a "relative", am a helper, i was given his warm blood vials to take to the lab, i was told to take doctor's papers from one place to another, told to take him to CT scan room, etc. im not complaining but i find it funny of course.

in the night i had slept a few hours before this incident, but the morning hours were rough, when doctor was in IV and we were just waiting...  i tried to sleep on the hospital bed next to to him, and managed to catch like 15min of zzz...

doctor was a well liked patient as a colleague...:) IV drip stuff here, while the sun is rising.

it was a hospital nearby, Haydarpasa. i could tell it was older than doctors own hospital, the equipment and all, but at the same time calmer, less patients. so things were faster, staff was less stressed. it was one of those times i wish i spoke more turkish - my vocab doesnt really extend to health and those issues so i was struggling at times. but when the discharging doctor spoke about writing sick leave and my doctor said 'naaah, i dont need any', i had enough in me to object and tell her to write a day! because he was supposed to have a 24h shift starting saturday morning. wtf, u just hit ur head and ur blood pressure is 90/60 - ur not going to a heavy shift like that right away - they can manage! fuckin fuck.

the emergency entrance for Haydarpasa Paragon Hospital (HaydarpaƟa Numune ve egitim Hastanes). a public hospital - so besides ID, no question nor money asked.

i had to cancel whatever work i had planned for the day, i will do it in the weekend then.

as soon as he was discharged i ran off to enjoy a picnic with the girls. i felt confident that doctor was safe enough at home and while a turkish wife would have stayed home and massaged his feet, i felt like my rational assessment of the situation was enough. i wouldve stayed at home if necessary but im glad i could make it to this event...    so at the picnic, we were celebrating Carilyns birthday at the seaside, with some mezes, cake, wine, etc...   very nice all in all.

Carilyn and her cake!

this flower seller woman was happy to get a piece of the cake (she literally asked for it). 

crazy day. ive almost cleaned the bathroom of the blood, random stains here and there. head wounds are nasty...     rugs need a wash of course, but i doubt the blood will come off? i hope tomorrow is a little less action-filled, actually.

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