July 13, 2014

july should be dedicated to self-development

this week i started using the air con. i struggled pretty long, but had to give in. it is an expensive, but sweet luxury. today, at 30C, i am managing without though. i think i can manage room temperatures between 23-29 comfortably. 22 is too cold and 30 gets 'meh', outside i am more flexible of course. doctors comfort level is around 22-28, i think. just one degree but a crucial one!

i also started with a new English student. she is smart and fun, works in a pharmaceutical company.

things to google today:
  • what is the rate of cardiovascular disease as a cause of death in greece? (had a crazy salty and oily greek sausage for dinner last night)
  • a (printable)  list of most common spices and what type of foods they match up with 
  •  which cancers are the most difficult to detect
  • how do you tell the difference between hot peppers and [non-hot]?
  • ultra-runner feet problems
  • why is death sentence so expensive to carry out?

past week or so has like some kind of a honeymoon for doctor and me. i guess holiday did good to both of us? im really thinking i have the best bf in the world, and the reasons are too many to list... i want the same things as everyone else, and then some.

my new favorite series is Rizzoli & Isles. it gets minus for being like all the others, very mediocre, obvious and cheesy, but plus for having ran so many seasons i actually have something to watch...  also female leads without sob-stories and children is attractive to me.

i found this to somehow reflect my thinking:
'Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.'

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