July 08, 2014

my solution

just before the holiday i finally found a solution for the water bottle, which was previously on the floor. and granted, its one really ugly solution, i HATE dark wood, AND i hate the decorative style. but it was 5tl 2nd hand and it does the job. i am considering spray painting the table white or black like everything else i dont like. but really, the kitchen walls are still beige, the cupboards have beige and dark wood... its not really going to get pretty whatever i do....

the breakfast farewell thingy on sunday was at Social, a fancy-ish restaurant in Cihangir. which is a fancy ass district near Taksim. it has this nice garden, very comfortable. professional staff. therfefor; 6tl/2e for a small coke! but it was nice, the breakfast was plentiful.

from the trip. a fridge magnet.

what we brought from greece to doctors colleagues. retsina, a white wine like ...drink, and a...another type of drink, home made tsipoura i think? its like ouzo but not ouzo...i dont know. not for me.

i didnt know weight was such an issue in F1...  i guess its not very manly to talk about it, so the media avoids?

here is doctors headwound all healed, right after i took the stitches off (which was super easy).
the other day, after shift, doctor told me about 2 women who had been admitted to the ER that day. the other, fully veiled (rare in turkey, but she was actually from middle east), had had her face badly beaten by her husband. the other had been stabbed in the abdomen by her husband. neither of them wanted to press charges - as usual. the police is always present at the ER, so a complaint could be made, and victims of domestic violence are explained that. and the medical records will support it. but, no one ever goes through with it. it is sad. im sure the situation is not easy either, if you husband is just a few meters away behind a door, talking to the police probably doesnt seem possible...maybe there are kids at home waiting too...  who knows. if and when these women are discharged, their husbands escort them back home...    what was somehow "funny" abut the stabbed woman is that the husband had put a bandaid over the wound... 

the numbers for domestic violence and even murders of women dont look good in turkey. depending on who you ask, 200 to 900 women were killed last year by their husbands/boyfriends.

watched Wolf of Wall Street tonight. and a few nights ago, Snowpiercer, which was an interestingly utopian scifi drama/action. i really didnt expect anything of it, but naive cliches aside, i kinda liked it. WoWS was quite good of course, but not out of this world. just solid good. too long! 

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