August 07, 2014

prices for a greek holiday

it was annoyingly difficult to find the general price level in Bulgaria. in the end i found this "cost of living in Bulgaria" - which has useful numbers even if you r just visiting. the site has other countries too, so yeah, very practical. but still, odd that the exact info was generally hard to find, why wouldnt sites like Trip Advisor host this time of content? i then checked and its the same for other smaller countries...  i should definitely remedy the situation when it comes to Greece, while i still remember... so prices and costs for a holiday in Greece (limited areas, i know Kos and Rodos or Athens may be more expensive):

  • Greek bed n breakfasts/Inn's in Halkidiki, Sarti, Lesbos high season prices, mid range 30-55 euros/night (a double room with a kitchenette and probably a balcony, A/C)
  • Greek hotel rooms in Halkidiki, Sarti, Lesbos (double) can be around 45-90 euros/night in high season, higher end if pool. although on Lesbos islands most places have a pool so prices are lower. and there are always fancier resorts that charge whatever, but i doubt those people are counting their euros then...
  • bus tickets (Thessaloniki) 0.60 euros
  • Thessaloniki-Sarti bus 18,30 euros (bus timetable and prices updated at KTEL website)
restaurant prices in Greece (mid range restaurant, bars)
  • appetizers 4-6 euros
  • salads 4-7 euros
  • main dishes (meat, chicken..) 6-10 euros
  • fast food (gyros, souvlaki...) 3-4 euros, hamburgers can be found for 1-3 euros
  • beer 3-5 euros (local-import)
  • house wine 0.5l jug 3-5 euros 
  • cocktails 6-7 euros, can find a mojito for 5 euros but its unlikely to be very good
  • wine bars in Thessaloniki (tested 2) had a good selection with per glass prices from 2 to 8 euros

3 appetizers, a salad and 2 main dishes as seen below were way too much, we couldnt finish. this set might have cost 45 euros including 2 beers, a wine and ouzo - but as said, it was too much. a greek dinner with one appetizer, one salad and one main dish (all shared), with 2 beers and a jug of wine should come to about 25-35 euros in the parts of Greece i listed.there are more upscale restaurants, and then you can add 5-15 euros on the bill, but most taverns are mid range.

fast food, big enough for a good luch! 3,5 euros. 
 overall i find the price level in Greece quite alright as a tourist. its no Turkey but close.

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